The Issue of Body Hair and Naturism

I once again find myself writing here, wondering at the same time, why do I do this? Why do I write a blog post, especially on a site that is really not one that has a significant readership? Why do I place photos of myself in these posts? Obviously, it can’t be mostly about being an exhibitionist, though there is a bit of that in every blog post written by most people regardless of whether they are naturists, nudists, or folk that find comfort and safety in their clothing. With an average of about 12 visitors each day over the past two weeks, it is also, obviously, not about feeding my fan base. Okay, I’ll admit that the past two weeks have been an anomaly when it comes to my visitor count – December has its other demands from us. But the point remains, writing here does not seem to be about “others.” I guess that means that whatever is prompting me to keep writing on the blog site is about “self” – me, moi.

This photo, for example, is one taken this morning for me. The unedited version was placed in my personal journal which I maintain with more effort than I do this blog site. The photo was taken because of my attempt to be transparent with myself. It serves as a record of my physical state while the words serve as a record of my psychological state of being. The journal can’t really be called a diary as it doesn’t record much of what happened in my world. Now, I assume that simply knowing that I keep such a journal, one would wonder what the purpose of using some of my journal photos in this blog site is all about.

I took this photo because I had just trimmed off most of my body hair, something I will do again in two weeks time before we fly off to Ecuador. The photo then becomes a record; that’s it, an objective record of my physical self for December 19th, 2019. After writing my journal entry, I wondered about this whole thing regarding body hair and naturism. I’m seventy years old and no one cares if I have body hair or not. In the world of social naturism, especially in the online version of that collective, body hair sparks a never-ending debate. It seems absurd when you thing about it, especially when the body hair on one’s head is rarely questioned.

One neighbour commented to me that in her opinion, I look better and younger when I shave off my beard. That might be true, but it would never be an opinion that would persuade me to shave. She has often seen me nude and has never commented on my lack of pubic hair, or about the occasional appearance of hair on my back. Others, typically in the naturist community, have no comments to make about my beard or hair on my head, yet they do have something to say about the “pubes.” The responses fall into two camps, those for the smooth look and those for the “natural” look. Both sides try to influence “others” do do what they do, actions which are more about their need for validation that anything else. The truth is, it doesn’t matter one way or the other. My friend, Dan Carlson has written an excellent post on this, here.

The word “natural” has nothing to do with how we look and present ourselves. We are, each and every one one us, conscious and unconscious works of art in progress. If one was to strive to be as “natural” as possible, there would be no shaving, no haircuts, no nail trimming, no body-sculpting, and next-to-no plastic surgery. In a “natural” state, as far as body hair goes, I would be covered from head-to-toe with thick, coarse, very dark, body hair. Think of a black bear and you’ll have a good idea of just how hairy that would be. I found this image online to give you a good idea.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being this hairy. It is what it is. It is what we do with our body hair that becomes the question. Should we do anything? Purists say no. And of course, like all proselytizers, they get loud. It doesn’t matter what any self-proclaimed purist says. One makes decisions about body hair – haircuts, beard trims and styling, shaving off facial hair, trimming eyebrows or not, legs, backs, butts, and pubic region hair – for a variety of reasons. If a person does anything with regards to any body hair, then the “natural” argument goes away. It’s that simple.

Ah, there. Now I know why I decided to write a post today. Now, I open up the discourse to have you give your opinions about removal or modification of any and/or all body hair.

21 thoughts on “The Issue of Body Hair and Naturism

  1. personal choice. it should be what makes one feel good about themselves. i trim hair because i feel i’m taking the time to present my naked self in the best light. the same as one trims their nose hairs… or brushes the crap from their teeth before greeting and associating with others. plain and simple to me.


  2. My biggest “Sigh” happens when people do certain things (shave or not, use makeup or not, wear a hat or not, etc or etc) and do it because they feel they must fit in. When asked “Why?” many can’t give a honest original reason. That’s my big ‘Sigh’. We are so condition to accept and follow. To promote and gather followers. That we have forgotten how to have an original thought or do what we really want to do.


  3. I think it is a personal choice and up to the individual….. your post has certainly pointed out some of the inconsistencies in our collective and individual thinking on the matter……… and in nudist circles it is something that people generally respect.
    That said, whilst I do have hair cuts [head] and no beard, I do prefer a natural look on the body of non shaving ….. but of course respect choice I have tried shaving my body and apart from the task being a tad onerous etc don’t find the lack of body hair that much of a balance to the labour and expense involved.


  4. Honestly I feel infuriated when someone, anyone, but especially a self proclaimed nudist or naturist tries to tell me what I should do with my pubic hair. For real, it truly pisses me off to no end. It isn’t even a choice it just a personal preference that should be left as such by everyone external especially nudists. Just my humble yet intense opinion lol.


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  6. All options are valid, of course. A naked body is always beautiful. However at least in Spain, the nudist community tend to shave body hair specially pubes. I prefer keeping my pubes, I only trim it a bit so that it looks more “tidy”, but I like pubes


  7. Ok did finally find the right place to leave a response. Some times it takes a while for an old dog to learn new tricks.

    You have seen me fully bearded which I had for over 50 years. It was the dislike of having to shave in the military. March 7th 1966 I stopped not until a health issue did I shave. Sleep apnea a full face mask needed a clean surface to seal. Now 2 plus years later found that no mask will help my sleep apnea. But having shave now it isn’t a big thing because the advancement of shaving equipment over the last 50 years is unbelievable the Gillette razor with 5 blades or 3 blades leaves my face baby bottom smooth without seeing any blood. Yes everyone says I look younger than my 75 years.

    Next trimming or shaving genital area again this all started with a medical condition. Sept 3 2005 I had prostrate surgery for cancer which become a life changing event for us as a couple and me as an individual. Now every day above grass is a good day and I plan nothing past noon on the day I get up.

    Medically erections are a thing of the past. The old story use it or lose it well I was issued a vacuum pump to keep the blood flowing so having a smooth pubic area was needed for the vacuum to work. So plucking or shaving is required but now that I shave my face adding another area was no problem. As time as gone on another situation from the surgery is taking a piss not all the liquid gets remove and drips down wards. Being cleanly shaved makes for easy clean up no lingering smell from wet pubic hair.

    That is my story and I am sticking to it.


  8. Shave everything because I am not a fan of body hair. I could use some head hair though.
    Even though your following may be small, I hope they’re an enthusiastic group and keep reading your posts. Part of my problem in Nov. and Dec. has been that the link I was using doesn’t work, and I was no longer receiving emails of your posts.


  9. I have never had much body hair but have a full set on my head. I shaved all body I had off years ago and much prefer it that way. As people say, it is personal preferences


  10. Never felt any desire to be hairless but I have experimented with it. The only problem I have is with areas that aren’t particularly comfortable with razor stubble. That and the extreme delicacy of that associated skin. Since hairless isn’t a look that matters to me, I don’t pursue it. If I did, it would be the enhanced sexual sensation that comes of not having a barrier of pubic hair covering the region and not a particular look.

    That and my wife doesn’t care for the appearance of being a developed 12-year-old boy. For her body hair means sexual maturity. When I was 12, body hair was something to be devoutly desired because that’s what it meant to me.

    Pubic hair and armpit hair serve to enhance the distribution of scent and pheromones among people who don’t wear layers on clothing over them. Humans think they are no as longer connected to their sense of smell and pheromone receptors as their paleolithic and neolithic ancestors. They are wrong.


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