The Secret Life of a Naturist

Fabien Barabé

Friends. Thanks to the world of social media, I continue to have friends during this time of social isolation thanks to a global pandemic. These people who have become my friends are real people. Some of them I have met in real life, something that has confirmed what I already knew. Friendships online that are based on shared interests are more than likely to remain friends when the face-to-face opportunity arises.

René Reinvented bottom left side

A few years ago, I met a fellow Canadian, Fabien Barabé, on Twitter, an artist from Nova Scotia. Over time, I began to connect with him as a friend. That was based on a shared nationality to begin with, and deepened with our interests in the Arts [painting, drawing, writing, etc.]. I write, he sketches, draws, paints and illustrates. It was natural that as we got to know each other better, we would combine our talents. I commissioned Fabien to design a cover for a speculative novel called René Reinvented.

Fabien & his covers
Fabien in his studio

Following that, I have worked with Fabien with the design of covers of two more books, short story anthologies. I have a story in the first book, Fabien has a story in the second book. Fabien was the illustrator who brought those books to life with captivating covers.

The future of our friendship? It will be a long friendship and collaborative from time to time. This is one of the incredible gifts that are there waiting for all of us if we invest ourselves in our online presence. The more one is similar online with one’s off-line reality, the more authentic a friendship becomes.

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